Warmer weather for us means more motorcycle rides, bicycling and frisbee! But there’s still work to be done and we’ve been fortunate to work on some cool projects. In this issue of HOWDY, check out what we’ve been up to this summer and why we dig our Indiana locale!
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CREATIVE CLARITY by Corey Wilkinson

Right at Home, in Indiana (Forbes and CNN think it’s worthy)

We’re fortunate. We work in an industry that thrives on the use of broadband internet. We can be virtually anywhere and still serve our clients, beat deadlines, and handle urgent requests. So, while we absolutely love many cities in the U.S. from coast to coast, we call the Indianapolis area home for good reasons. It’s a great place to raise a family, cost of livin’ is comfy, and, as you may already know, it’s the Racing Capital of the World. It has one of the country’s oldest art museums, the world’s largest children’s museum, and a genuine focus on music and sports entertainment.

Sure, we’ve got some super-humid summers (gasp) and wicked-frigid winters, but there’s something about the good ol’ Midwest that leaves us feeling rooted. Us brothers and our li’l families have claimed residence in Hamilton County. We also established an office in Fishers, IN, located in the same county. I suppose we could go on about potholes, skill-deprived drivers, and over-exuberant basketball fans, but the good outweighs any irks. Here’s what Forbes and CNN think:

CNN’s Money Magazine: Fishers, IN is one of the best places to live.
They take many factors into consideration. “It has the range of pluses common among our top 10, including a strong economy (lots of life-science companies are moving in), low home prices and good schools (they get high rankings in the state).”

Forbes Magazine: Hamilton County, America’s Best Place to Raise a Family

Living in this area gives me quick access to the feeling you get when sitting in the shade of a screened-in porch or relaxing on a rural lawn, but everything I need to excel in business is as close as I need it to be...not bearing down on me and drowning out the crickets.

-Corey Wilkinson, Wilkinson Brothers, Inc.