Biz gurus may advise against us being all over the place with industries we serve. I suppose we should claim a niche or only focus on a few core services. Well, while we kick that thought around, we’ll enjoy our wide spectrum of clientele! Here are some varying recent samples that may spark ideas for your marketing objectives!
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Do You Need to Create an Effective Banner Ad?

You’re dealing with limited space, an audience with a short attention span, and competing ads. Avoid the junky, clunky norm! Here’s some basic info to keep in mind during your approach:

1) Attract the attention of your prospect
2) Interest them in the product/service
3) Create desire
4) Demand action

Sounds like common sense, but when reviewing your layout can you say “I did” to all of the above?

Keep the art or text elements simple and don’t try to tell the entire story, just pique their interest! Also, if the prospect clicks the ad, will it deliver what its message promised? If the customer commmits to clicking, make sure you don’t let them down with a disconnected landing page.

NOTE: Never underestimate the power of the words, “Click Here!” Apply these li’l things and crank up that click-through rate!

-Corey Wilkinson

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