For our 5th issue of HOWDY!, we’re sharing our top 5 marketing must-dos with you. They go beyond tips and fall closer to “requirements” for everyone’s mktg to-do list. Don’t miss Corey’s Creative Clarity at the bottom of this page. In the meantime, see if any of our work below sparks an idea to better leverage your message!

A New Online Experience for Guerin Catholic
Award-winning Guerin Catholic High School wanted their site to be a resource for enrolled students & families while making a good first impression with prospective students & families. We created a classy, contemporary design with intuitive navigation. The dimensional graphics, creatively cropped pics, and engaging color palette of the new website reflect the quality education found at GCHS.

Illustration, Nostalgia & Fun Make for a Memorable Piece
We all remember searching for Waldo and how finding that li’l guy was harder than we thought. Same goes for finding good candidates for employment. We developed this concept to show how Aegis Worldwide’s prescreening process allows them to find the right people in a sea of resumes. By performing reference checks and obtaining detailed background info, the team at Aegis eliminates their clients’ need to perform exhaustive or unfruitful searches.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye...Major Achievements in Marketing Excellence!
We’re excited for our client, Steve Gray Renovations. They brought home top honors at the 2007 MAME Awards presented by the Builders Association of Greater Indy. Congrats to them on winning Best Website and Best Logo! Design awards in the design industry are cool, but we like when design is recognized & accepted by the industry it was created for!

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CREATIVE CLARITY by Corey Wilkinson

Wilkinson Bros’ Top 5 Marketing Must-Dos
This is simple and critical. When reviewed, it all makes sense...but is it being applied? See if these apply to how you communicate:

1. Earn Referrals...
Don’t just hope for ‘em. Imagine trying to duplicate the power of referrals with cold calling or tooting your own horn. Not going to happen. Serve your clients well and stay in front of them; it’s a good way to prompt good buzz that can become a powerful, inexpensive sales force.

2. Consistency is Key.
Some people in the biz throw around the term “integrated marketing.” The most important aspect of this somewhat overused term is that it encourages a consistent message across the board. Don’t assume you should use as many channels as possible, just be consistent in the channels you do pursue (in design and message). Simply put, it’ll look like you have your act together.

3. Don’t Be Everything to Everyone.
I bet you’re picky when you try to determine who you want to work with. So are your customers or clients. People want a specialist; consider being a specialist. Think about who you want to serve based on who you work well with; then be exactly what that kind of client needs. Focus!

4. Clarity...Quick!
What’s in it for your customer? How clearly stated, or how easy is it for them to see, find, or learn the advantage of choosing you? We all know the importance here; I won’t dwell on it.

5. Evoke Emotion.
Get this: What we end up buying is largely dictated by instant feelings, as opposed to some rational calculation. Maybe your message sounds credible and smart; does that trigger folks to choose you or your product? Humans are more prone to make a decision because their emotions have been stirred up. Stir ‘em up, people! There’s desire, fear, hope, curiosity, love, get the idea.

-Corey Wilkinson, Wilkinson Brothers, Inc.