There's no hidden metaphor in the headline; consider it a public service announcement. It happens every year, but it seems we always forget that icy parking lots and sidewalks require that short-stepping, flat-footed kind of shuffle. For our clients in Texas and Southern California? Well, you guys gear up for those potential, menacing, early morning frosts! :)

WB’s New Digs: In Fishers, 15 Minutes From the Ol’ Place.
We loved working in Carmel and enjoyed being within arm's reach of our Carmel clients. Now, the office is just a mere hop, skip, and a jump away from our favorite Arts & Design District and we're still in the same rapidly-growing and hospitable Hamilton County, Indiana. Of course, thanks to high speed internet, weíre still seconds away from our clients in Indy, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, L.A., Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Philly, Columbus, Portland, Lexington, NC, TN, CA, WA, etc.

The office building was built by a company owned and operated by an entrepreneurial and hardworking family, Yeager Properties. David Yeager's trend-setting design and the brothers' custom, unconventional style of architecture drew us to the Fishers location and has us eyeing their very near-future plans for a presence in Carmel. Our mix of authentic Americana decor fit right in with the warehouse-like wooden floors and oversized, distressed doors. You'll find walls adorned with bamboo, backlit plexi, stainless steel, and a stairway made from diamond-plate steel and galvanized fencing. That's our kinda office space. SEE MORE PICS.

When walking in icy conditions:
1. Keep both hands free for balance. If they're in your pockets, you're asking for it.
2. Use handrails from start to finish.
3. If you MUST carry multiple items, carry loads that you can see over.
4. Keep your eyes on where you are going.
5. Step, don't jump, from vehicles (tell your kiddos this if they ride the bus).

If you’re gonna fall:
1. Roll with the fall if falling face first; twist and roll backwards.
2. You know how you see people start to slip on the ice and their legs and arms look like they don't bend? Well, relax as much as possible when you begin to fall.
3. Toss the load you are carrying...unless that load is your child.

Careful out there. - Corey Wilkinson, Wilkinson Brothers, Inc.

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