Hopefully you grew up reading Dr. Suess, Highlights, Busy Town, or Little Golden Books (remember their shiny gold binding?). Kids’ books drew us into a story and fed our imaginations so well that we remember imagery from decades ago!! Scroll down to Creative Clarity to find out why illustration is such a powerful medium. Also, see how WB has been illustrating for older, but still eager minds in their recent design and marketing adventures.
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Two Rides, One Goal!
After first hearing Steve Healey’s story, we couldn’t concentrate the rest of the day. We hoped someday we could help his efforts. That opportunity arose when he was considering an event poster and T-shirt for the ANNA Fund 50 and Family Ride.

A few years ago, Steve lost his daughter, Anna (pronounced AH-nuh) to neuroblastoma when she was 9 years old. Through his devastation he realized he needed to lead a charge in fighting childhood cancer and started a foundation in his daughter’s name.

The ANNA Fund 50 and Family Ride will be hosted by one of Indy’s most respected bicycle shops, The Bike Line. It will feature an athletic 50-mile course and a separate 12-mile family ride. Whichever pace they choose, the Foundation wants cyclists to enjoy the ride and know their participation helps fund childhood cancer research!

Learn more at www.annafund.org!

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CREATIVE CLARITY by Corey Wilkinson

The Power of Illustration
Whether you use your hands to explain how something works, or sketch a quick map for a lost traveler, you’ll try to illustrate your thoughts more often than you think. There’s a reason we’ve heard this saying many times: “A picture’s worth a thousand words.” What may take multiple paragraphs to explain may be shown quickly and accurately in a diagram. What may be more humorous as a cartoon may be awkward as text.

In our line o’ work, we enjoy simplifying elements to convey a simple message. We also love to explore details that paint a vivid picture or provide a visual experience that oozes personality. Award-winning illustrator Shirley Hughes said, “The illustrator fills out the characters with details not always described in the text.” She goes on to note, “it was the Strand Magazine illustrator Sidney Paget...who gave the great detective [Sherlock Holmes] his deerstalker hat.”

As much as Lewis Carroll was a master of imagery, he seems to admit through his own text, “And what is the use of a book without pictures or conversation?" (asked by Alice in Alice in Wonderland). Hughes goes on to point out that “Carroll's story has been permanently linked in the common consciousness with John Tenniel's unforgettably dreamlike and sometimes unsettling illustrations. Images like these in the books we grew up with lodge as firmly in our memories as the stories themselves.”

Is there a message you want to broadcast that could use some clarity? Do you want your message to “lodge firmly” into the memories of your prospects? Consider the definition of illustration: An example serving to clarify or prove something. Need some illustration? We’re illustrators. :)

-Corey Wilkinson, Wilkinson Brothers, Inc.