Character Illustration by Wilkinson Bros

There are tons o’ reasons folks ask us to create characters or mascots. The illustrated personalities act as spokespersons or they can creatively represent a product. They’re great attention-getters and can certainly keep your audience engaged. We have breathed life into hundreds of characters for companies who want to add some fun and memorable qualities to their marketing. Maybe your company could benefit from a spokestoon?

Human Characters

Character Illustration and ToonsCharacter Illustration Character Illustration Character Illustration

Mascot Illustrations

“I try to build a full personality for each of our cartoon characters – to make them personalities.” –Walt Disney

 Animal Characters
Our li’l characters end up on T-shirts, in menus, animations, comic strips, logos, activity books and on the sides of vehicles. We create illustrations for any kind of creature in the animal kingdom, from an adventurous kid on safari to a pig wielding a knife n’ fork.
Animal Character IllustrationAnimal Character Illustration
Animal Character Illustration

Motorsports Characters
Some of the characters we illustrate are inspired by our interest and passion for motorsports. Take a look at the samples below to see how we creatively combine people and performance.

Character Illustration Motorsports
Character Illustration MotorsportsCharacter Illustration Motorcycles
Character Illustration Motorsports
Character Illustration Motorcycles

Other Kinds of Characters
Inanimate objects are fun to animate. Slap a couple eyeballs on an appliance, put a smile on a pickle or add funny expressions to a glass bottle and you’ve got some comedy.


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