Greetings from Fishers Mural

Wilkinson Brothers Mural Painting

The “Greetings from Fishers” Mural

Location: 8684 E 116th St Fishers, IN 46038
In the Nickel Plate District near the Nickel Plate Trail

Artists: Wilkinson Brothers
Casey Wilkinson and Corey Wilkinson are twin brothers and graphic designers who have worked with the communities of Hamilton County, Indiana since the early 2000s. Corey has lived in Fishers for over 20 years and his wife is an elementary teacher for HSE Schools. The Wilkinson Brothers’ graphic design and illustration studio was founded in Fishers in 2003.

Mural Description:
Hand-painted on one of the oldest buildings in Fishers, Indiana, the 24×30-foot mural pays homage to this vibrant city’s past and present. You can’t miss it as you ride or walk along the Nickel Plate Trail in downtown Fishers near 116th Street.

Greetings from Fishers Mural – by Wilkinson Bros from Wilkinson Brothers on Vimeo.

Commission and Curation:
The mural was commissioned and donated to the community by the Reid Family from Fishers (Christopher Reid is CEO of CRG Residential). The project was curated with the assistance of Ross Hilleary, Assistant Director of Planning & Zoning for the City of Fishers.

The custom illustration was created on the computer, then projected and traced onto the wall at night. The colors were hand-painted with brushes and rollers. The mural’s canvas is a 24 x 30-foot brick wall on a building built in 1913 for Fishers National Bank, which was liquidated in 1930. The building was recently renovated by CRG Residential and now sits within Nickel Plate Station, a mixed-use community developed as a public-private partnership between the City of Fishers, CRG, and Browning Developments.

Fishers Mural

Greetings From Fishers

Artist Statement:

Why the Nostalgic Approach?
We love the power of nostalgia and completely understand that it affects people differently. Some may see our painted train and feel wistful, missing the presence of a lumbering engine screeching by on metal rails. Others may see the Nickel Plate engine as a respectful homage to the community’s roots, a nod to how “Fisher’s Switch” was a worthy stop on someone’s journey. Now, over 150 years later, a city built from a small dot on a railroad map has become so much more of a destination – for all types of travelers. So, whichever direction nostalgia takes you, we artists hope this mural evokes a warmth from the past, a curiosity for Fishers’ history, and a hopeful feeling for what’s to come.

The People in the Mural:
The cyclists in the center of the mural represent the carefree spirit that all residents and visitors can pursue in Fishers. They can enjoy music, find fun, and explore the city’s waters, trails and districts.

Passersby with a keen eye may have already recognized the pilot as the city’s first (and current) mayor, Scott Fadness. The Reid Family, who commissioned the mural, wanted to include his presence to honor the mayor’s efforts, especially in the revitalization of downtown Fishers. Also key to the efforts of providing service and partnership to entrepreneurs, innovative firms and small business is Fishers’ Director of Economic and Community Development, Megan Baumgartner, who is waving from the balloon.

The mural’s bold color palette represents the city’s aim to create and maintain a vibrant place to live, learn, work and play.

Greetings From Fishers Wilkinson Bros