Adding Character to Our Illustrations

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  • On 26th February 2014

Wilkinson Bros Character Illustration

We were the kids in class doodling cartoon characters in the margins of our workbooks, feverishly trying to finish works of art before the bell rang. No, our math and science grades weren’t the best, but we were building a foundation for our artistic future!

Wilkinson Bros characters sketches

As with most of the graphic design or illustration that is born at Wilkinson Bros, Inc., the process starts with a pencil and ends up rendered in technicolor via Adobe Illustrator. Take an in-depth look at our character and mascot illustrations here in this case study, where we’ve categorized the different types of characters we’ve created: People, Animals, Motorsports and Other.

Wilkinson Bros character and mascot illustration

This big ol’ sampling above shows just how fun this gig can be. We’re thankful for clients who see the value in fun, creative ways a character can enhance a company’s persona. These li’l toons have ended up in magazine feature illustrations, activity books, brochures, board games, on T-shirts and tons of other marketing collateral. Whether it’s a smile, a chuckle or a raised eyebrow, they seem to grab the viewers attention and keep ’em engaged for a while.

Maybe your company could benefit from a spokestoon? Shoot us an email, we can deliver an illustrated bundle of joy for your biz.