Branding the Wilkinson Bros Motorcycle Sidecar

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  • On 9th March 2014

Wilkinson Brothers Company Vehicle Graphics

After designing the graphics for our Ural Red October motorcycle sidecar, we dusted off the vinyl plotter and stickered up our shop bike. The intention was to echo the good ol’ days of hand-lettered service trucks and bold branding.

The 1-minute vid above will give you a behind-the-scenes look at how we applied the graphics and gave them a test drive. Wilkinson Bros is a graphic design and creative marketing company, but we don’t actually apply vinyl graphics on vehicles as a service. Your friendly neighborhood sign-guys will be a much better source and more efficient vendor!

Wilkinson Brothers Ural Sidecar Motorcycle

The funky-cool looks of the Ural turns heads for sure. With its red paint and retro persona, it was the perfect canvas for vintage graphics and a unique choice for a “business” vehicle. Of course, it also makes for a good lunch-runner; how many motorcycles can you comfortably accommodate two large pizzas, a 2-liter Coke and breadsticks?

Wilkinson Brothers Ural Sidecar Motorcycle

Wilkinson Brothers, Inc. immerses itself in the realm of motorsports and is happy to serve its motorcycle and powersports clients with high-performance creativity. This post and pics originated on our motorcycle blog, Good Spark Garage; head on over there and stay awhile.