Client Spotlight: Baker’s Edge on ABC’s Shark Tank

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  • On 15th May 2014

Bakers Edge Poster Illustration

Baker’s Edge CEO, Matt Griffin, is an enthusiastic entrepreneur and inventor who serves up some great creative direction for us to run with. Recently, Matt requested a boxing type poster illustration featuring a shirtless chef and a menacing shark putting up their dukes, a la vintage cartoon style. This uncommonly cool direction would announce the exciting news of his upcoming appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Bakers Edge Shark Tank Promo

The unique bakeware company has a strong foothold in the industry, but boasts no massive workforce; it’s owned and operated by a husband-and-wife duo (Emily is a savvy chef who develops exclusive recipes for their line of high-quality pans).

Baker's Edge on Shark Tank

Baker’s Edge makes their pitch to the sharks on ABC Shark Tank. (photo: ABC/Michael Ansell)

Baker's Edge - Matt and Emily Griffin

Baker’s Edge, Matt and Emily Griffin, on ABC Shark Tank. (photo: ABC/Michael Ansell)

Join us as we root for ’em during and after their big night on ABC, when they face the ready-to-pounce business gurus in the season finale of Shark Tank.  Follow Baker’s Edge via twitter and tweet during the show using #bakersedge #sharktank.

Baker’s Edge Website:

Oh, and since they’re so good, we’ll leave you with a couple recipes to whip up when you buy the Better Muffin Pan or the Edge Brownie Pan (we illustrated Emily’s tasty concoctions).

Baker's Edge Better Muffin Pan Blueberry Muffin Recipe Baker's Edge Edge Brownie Pan Cookie Bar Recipe

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