Creative Repurposing: Mailbox Race Car

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  • On 19th August 2014

Wilkinson Brothers Mailbox Racer

We’ve learned to be creative when confined to a keyboard and limited to the small clicks of a mouse, but we like to deconstruct and build things with our hands. Case in point, here’s how Casey repurposed his old mailbox into a cool vintage race car.

Wilkinson Brothers Mailbox Racer

Using old toy wagon wheels helped give this li’l racer a well-worn look. Pieces of conduit acted as the exhaust pipes and a discarded panel from a stove provided the extra sheet metal for the pointed tail piece and number plate.

Wilkinson Brothers Mailbox Racer

An old brass cabinet knob was perfect for a radiator cap and the ‘grille’ was actually some scrap perforated steel he had laying around. Its paint job was hand-lettered and roughed up, giving it an old-school vintage race car vibe.

Wilkinson Bros Mailbox Racer

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