Sketchbook: Toony Self Portrait

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  • On 27th October 2013


We’re not the most narcissistic artists, but we did enjoy creating this illustrative likeness of yours truly. First, Casey roughed out the above comp of a Ural sidecar motorcycle and scanned it. Next…


We place the scan into AdobeIllustrator and use it as a reference to draw/render a clean vector version. Above, you can see a reveal of the illustration’s “skeleton” (the blue dots are vectors).


Once we have the motorcycle dialed in, Corey sketched the characters (us) to fit the bike and sidecar. Once they’re rendered in Illustrator, their clean solid fills are endlessly and wonderfully scalable in vector format…meaning, you could enlarge it to the size of a building and it’d remain clear and sharp.



We created this caricature-esque depiction of us before we bought our Ural Red October sidecar, so a quick modification of the colors and some minor bike edits made this illustration a bit more true-to-life (below).