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Baker’s Edge Website & Animation:
Warning: Yer gonna want brownies if you visit this site. The vanguard team behind the patented Edge Brownie Pan wanted a new online facade to engage end-users and retailers. The NY Times, the Washington Post, HGTV and other heavy-hitting media are sending folks to this URL in, along with polished, clean site design, our “Now I Get It!” animation is there waiting to inform and entertain its viewers. This piece not only helps folks “get it,” it has become a viral generator of powerful Send-to-a-Friend buzz!

Aegis | Worldwide Promotional Leave-Behind:
“Tell us where it hurts, we’ll ease the pain” reads the back of the package, along with a recommended phone number to call “for best results.” Team Aegis prides itself on face-to-face service and creative recruiting methods in the Placement Industry. They have been in the shoes of their clients and understand the headaches and stress caused by the need to find the best candidate. We designed a label to fit around Eclipse® gum packaging because it closely resembled individually enclosed “caplets.”
The Wilkinson Bros Oldsmodesk:
You may have seen the Cadillac Desk deVille on our website, now we’re introducing the “Oldsmodesk!” Once a big ol’ sedan, we’ve given this chunk of Detroit steel a new life as a WB workstation. After finding it in the deep woods of Noblesville, IN, we cut, cleaned, and painted the Olds then built a wooden chassis where the powerful Rocket engine used to rumble. You don’t want to miss this photo story: Click here to watch!

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CREATIVE CLARITY by Corey Wilkinson

Get Your Jarg On
In the creative marketing world, morphed buzzwords and tech lingo can cause a disconnect in conversation. Not good, considering that a common goal in business is to communicate clearly. It’s hard to keep up, really, so I thought I’d help shed some light on noteworthy terms that jargonauts are slingin’ around these days.

WEB 2.0: Sites like Wikipedia, MySpace, Flickr and YouTube are good examples; they allow users to collaborate. According to Wikipedia itself, the term refers to a “perceived second generation of Web-based communities and hosted services such as social networking sites.” Most rely on material supplied by the audience.

RSS or RSS Feed: RSS is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated content such as blog entries, news headlines or podcasts. The initials most commonly represent “Really Simple Syndication.” Want to know more? Seriously?

New Media: This is a hot one, also known as “emerging technologies.” It’s weird; at one time, radio and television were “new media.” I would loosely define it, in its present use, as digital communication involving the internet (broadband), email, portable media devices and the like.

Hope this helps a tad. If you’re ever scratching your head about other new-to-you marketing terms, fire up the Free Encyclopedia and go on a definition adventure! Until next time, I’m gonna go check out a whitepaper on immersive learning and intermedia arts involving non-traditional media platforms.