HOWDY from Wilkinson Brothers
We haven’t sent out a howdygram in awhile and wanted to drop a line to say hello! Also wanted to quickly catch you up on what’s happening at WB. Thanks to all who have called upon our creativity in 2013. Hope 2014 is a fun and prosperous year for you!

We’re well into our 10th year of biz and looking forward to what’s next. We have many colleagues and clients to thank for helping us reach this milestone. We definitely feel blessed.

For our out-of-state clients and friends who haven’t seen where we work, here’s an online photo-tour of the Wilkinson Bros Shop. Also, for a little more insight into who we are, check out our interview featured on

We’ve been fortunate to work with bakeware pioneers, Baker’s Edge, for several years now. Recently, we created the promotional materials to help launch the Better Muffin Pan, a pan that compliments their industry-leading Edge Brownie Pan. Check out the animation we produced here and, if you wanna buy yerself one, click here!