You 'bout done with that bottled tea from lunch? Does your fridge have an old pickle jar in it? Dump that lone pickle and recycle the jar! December 10th is Recycle Glass Day, by golly.

Wilkinson Bros recently had the privilege of working with Saint-Gobain Containers, Inc., a leading producer of glass packaging for the food and beverage industries. They are true pioneers and innovators in the world of glass containers, but more commendable is their effort to educate children on the benefits of recycling glass. So how do we fit in?

The marketing team at SGCI drew up a plan that would require some creative folks to write, illustrate and animate a 15-minute cartoon explaining the benefits of glass and why people should recycle it. We gladly accepted the challenge!!

They then developed a program to use the ‘toon along with trading cards (above), educational activities, fun games, and a coloring contest to help increase awareness of recycling glass. Our hats are off to Saint-Gobain Containers, Inc., in their quest to improve the environment for future generations.

Wanna see the animation? Click here! Below is a sampling of what’s seen in the animation.

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