That’s the case for us here in the Midwest anyway. We love it. Leaves become colorful, temps start to drop and there’s a cool, crisp comfort in the air. It’s a time when inspiration seems to come more naturally than searching for it in the dog days of summer. For us, Fall rates right up there with snowed-in mornings that turn into fun, non-billable days. :) (Continued below in “Creative Clarity.”)

WB Designs the Logo for the Women’s Sportbike Rally
When Stephani McIntyre, founder and event director, asked us to design the logo for the Women’s Sportbike Rally, we jumped at the chance! The rally provides a venue for woman sportbikers where riding is the focus for fun. Also, the WSR brings awareness to Tiffany’s Melanoma Foundation, which educates on the serious dangers of Malignant Melanoma and other skin cancers. (We are proud sponsors!)

The Best Burgers in Town!
And we’re not just sayin’ that because we designed their web presence! Not only is the food great at both Bub‘s Burgers and Ice Cream and the new Bub’s Cafe, the location and atmosphere is very inviting. Take a stroll on the Monon Trail and stop in to either one of these restaurants for some good eatin’. What’s on the menu? Check out the recently launched site!

Brand New Brands: Logos Fresh from the WB Studio
A)-Concerts for Kindness raises funds from events, concerts and merchandise to benefit those less-fortunate. B)-Wabash Valley Children’s Dentistry logo features four widdle kids. C)-Goodman Manufacturing, the 2nd largest unit manufacturer of residential A/C and heating products needed logos for internal programs based on their 25th anniversary. D)-JOGO is a Washington-based personal/group training business; “jogo” is Portugese for “play.”

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CREATIVE CLARITY by Corey Wilkinson

Stop and Be Like the Roses.
Growing up next to a farm in rural Southern Indiana, the opportunities to experience beautiful sunsets, misty morning pastures, and black nights filled with lightning bugs were frequent. The landscape inspired creativity on a daily basis. I thought city kids were missing out; what did they do to get their fill of nature? Then, I remembered trips to the big cities: Chicago, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Atlanta, and Louisville. Parks, monuments, street performers and the multitude of sounds made me realize inspiration can be found most anywhere, rural OR urban environments.

As an adult I now believe that good weather has played a huge part in creating inspiration. Vivid memories accentuated by good weather make me long for the location where they were created. For instance, I’ve stared out the back porch of Mom and Dad’s house a million times, but I can’t forget the afternoon that made me want to pick up a brush and paint. That day, the weather was perfect; the sky looked like rainbow sherbet, the autumn leaves absorbed the equally colorful Hoosier sunset, and just the slightest wind made the tops of the trees sway...slightly. I felt like I was standing in a watercolor painting, not a heavy oil painting, a gently applied wash of color. T-shirt, jeans and bare feet allowed just the right balance of body temperature and outside temperature.

Whether it was a welcomed evening thunderstorm near the farm or walking the Chicago streets on perfectly clear and cool morning, there are involuntarily introspective chunks of time where I can’t help but feel creative. Perhaps good weather frees my brain from trying to adhere to fleeting goals or controlling what can’t be controlled. Maybe my being recognizes the beauty of being a creation within Creation.

I hope you have many of these kinda days this Fall.

-Corey Wilkinson, Wilkinson Brothers, Inc.