Man, we are approaching the 6th month of 2008; seems like time is zipping by. Hope it’s been good for you! For those who are just joining us, welcome and HOWDY! For this issue, WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? See examples of creative consistency and learn to LOOK UP!!
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CREATIVE CLARITY by Corey Wilkinson

Look Up, Look Out, Look All Around!

Before the mid 80s, focusing outward was easier to do. We weren’t surrounded by or as dependent upon mobile gadgetry. This ain’t a chop to those things; I’m thankful for the electronic and wireless tools I use when (and where) creativity strikes.

Problem is, there’s a trap that’s easy to fall into when surrounded by the modern LCD world. Little screens and backlit displays consume our foreground and intercept what’s down the road. Recently, I found myself locked into a stare with my laptop. I shook my head and looked up at the farthest point in the office, but I had to force my eyes to adjust past 12 inches. Ugh. On the desk next to me is a cell phone offering me a hundred layers of info within a square inch. Next to it is a vivid flat panel monitor blocking the view of the window behind it.

Last week I drove home and forgot my power cord for the laptop...I panicked when the battery warned me of its depletion. When it finally died, I looked up and realized the weather was nice enough to go sit on the patio. I watched the leaves blow in the wind and felt guilty that I wasn’t doing that before I jumped on the computer.

I remind myself now to remove the digital blinders from time to time and look out the window or walk outside and treat my eyes to a gaze or two. It’s nice to cast my stare on the farthest building, tree, window, star, cloud, animal, person, place or thing. Sure, the synthetic glowing screens of modern technology are handy and can expedite processes, but the real world can provide views with an experience.

Moral of the story? Periodically give your pupils a break from the pixels!

-Corey Wilkinson, Wilkinson Brothers, Inc.